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May 14 2017




When men talk of women and girls in terms of legal/not legal, what they’re really saying is “I already sexually objectify this child and would attempt to fuck her if there were no laws in the way.”

You can’t deny that is fucking scary.

Sometimes there are things that just sort of vaguely seem wrong, but you can’t put your finger on why…until it’s worded like this, and suddenly everything slides into place and you feel like someone punched you in the gut.

I’m leaving this here, just in case anyone needed a written explanation for why this way of thinking is creepy and predatory as fuck.

Leave underage people alone, you perverts. You’re the adult; act like it.

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Kim HyunJoo Studios - Saturn Vase

The center of gravity is below the sphere, so it won’t fall down like a roly poly toy. In addition, there is a ring shaped stand in order to fix and adjust the angle.

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are you fucking kidding me. i got killed by a 1% crit at a 60% hit rate??? i mean the chapter isn’t hard at all but that’s an hour down the drain. rip.


if i dont romanticize everything i do i’ll die

lute is such a lovable nerd.

oh what i never knew vanessa’s pegasus was named titania… neat 



i’m a grower not a show-er
what do this mean u might ask?
means my peepee dumb small when it’s soft but when i get hard my shit bigger than your feet
the upside to this? no one ever expects how big i get when i’m hard it’s like “dam i ain’t even notice u got a big ass dick boy”
the downside?
if i get pantsed in public i immediately have to start jacking off before i pull my pants back up in order to get hard if not everyone will think i’m packing chicken nugget when in reality im not vegan but i brought the cucumber with me

why is this formatted like a poem

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t a k e     y o u r      h e a r t 

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im ur mom now

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YoiYoi Kokon would be fun as fuck to play if it were in Taiko no Tatsujin tbh…

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